Long Island Orchestrating for Nature

  Teaching Compassion, Fighting Oppression

Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION) is an animal advocacy pending-501(c)3 teaching compassion and fighting oppression. Please join us in our fight for a more humane Long Island!

Educate the Public about Cole Bros. Circus' Animal Abuse!

As we celebrate Independence Day, circus-abused animals are on their way to Long Island to be exploited for our entertainment.

Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION) was born out of Cole Bros. demonstrations and each year we convince countless families not to spend their money on cruelty and instead join us in putting a stop to this abuse!

Please join us in educating the public about Cole Bros. animal abuse and asking their venues not to host them again!

For specific information about Cole Bros. abuse, please see our webpage on them here.  

For a list of all our currently planned demonstrations and contact information for the venues, please see our blog here. (Please check back as this list is constantly being updated as we can get volunteers to lead!)

Waterfowl Families Need You!

One year ago we worked with Friends of Animals and GooseWatch NYC to save 600 geese in North Hempstead. These geese are still alive and well today, however, their brethren in nearby New York City are still in peril!

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, June 26th outside the headquarters of the Port Authority of New York from 5:30 to 7 p.m to protest this abuse!

The Port Authority is located at 255 Park Avenue South between 18th and 19th St.

Suffolk County Executive Signs Puppy Mill Bill into Law!

The first of its kind in the state, this law will prohibit pet dealers in Suffolk County from sourcing animals from any facility with recent USDA violations, will enlarge the cage size animals are allowed to be held within, add signs on primary enclosures notifying customers of the state where the animal was bred, and add a sign notifying customers that USDA inspection reports are available upon request; among other protections.  

Thank you to all who lobbied so hard to make this happen!

Victory!  Rodeo Permit Denied! 

Last week we asked you to contact the Town of Brookhaven asking them to deny Rodeo Tierra Caliente its permit to abuse animals in Coram.  

Our efforts were successful and we are now working with Councilwoman Kepert's office to ban them from ever returning!!!

Please email the Suffolk County Farmland Committee asking them to deny any appeal landowner and rodeo host Joe Annunziata requests.