Brookhaven Fair

Fair Productions, Inc. has a long history of using exotic animal acts at fairs all across the country. The Banana Derby involves chaining monkeys necks to the necks of dogs and forcing them to race for the public's amusement. A Grizzly Experience lost a bear in a Florida suburb for nearly a week.  

The Banana Derby

If chaining monkeys to dogs and forcing them to race isn't bad enough, the Banana Derby has a long history of Animal Welfare Act violations, including: 
  • Failing to meet minimum cage sizes for both dog and primate enclosures,
  • Failing to provide clean and wholesome food for captive animals,
  • Failing to provide environmental enrichment to ensure the psychological well-being of captive primates,
  • Failing to provide a current plan of veterinary care,
  •  And repeatedly and intentionally evading and confusing USDA inspectors seeking records and access to animals.

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A Grizzly Experience

There are a lot of concerns when the Town of Brookhaven allows an act that lost a grizzly bear for nearly a week in a Florida suburb just months after such an incident.  

These concerns are compounded when this act has been cited repeatedly for unsafe and insecure fencing and regularly encourages small children to feed large bears marshmallows on sticks without any adequate barriers in between and seemingly any sense of public safety.

Exhibitor Dexter Osborn markets his shows as educational and claims to care about animal welfare but his forays into alligator wrestling, the stereotypical or psychotic behaviors of bears in his shows, and his habit of trucking them from state to state for a profit tell a very different story.

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