The Slaughter Has Begun

Every year from September to May thousands of dolphins and small whales are brutally slaughtered in Japan. These mammals are herded into coves or lagoons using a system of metal poles, which are used to bang together creating noise to disorient the dolphins by creating a “wall of sound” and not allowing the dolphins to communicate with one another. They are forced to swim away from the sound and into coves to be killed. The hunters then bind the dolphins once they are in the shallow water. This in itself can cause serious injury to the dolphins, but is not enough for the killers, who also use large metal rods to stab the dolphins spinal cords. Dolphins do not die right away from these injuries and instead they slowly die from internal bleeding or by drowning in their own blood (, 2014).


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VICTORY! Patagonia stops buying wool following PETA exposé!

A California-based clothing company, Patagonia, announced just this morning that it will no longer purchase wool from the Ovis 21 network in Argentina following disturbing video released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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Breaking the Stereotype: Why Black Cats Deserve Love

For centuries black cats have been a focus for superstitions and crazy rumors in many cultures. Hundreds of years ago these felines were thought to be linked to witches and therefore thought to be evil creatures. Black cats have unfairly received the reputation of being bad luck, especially if one crossed your path from the left…

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The Roar Heard Around The World

  Less than a month ago, Cecil, a beloved lion to millions all over the world was lured from safety in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe by American trophy hunter and dentist Walter Palmer. He was murdered in cold blood over the course of 40 hours in what is now one of the most outrageous and talked about animal killings of our time. Although the world is still in an uproar about the extreme carelessness for life these so called "trophy hunters" show, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the animal kingdom.

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