No Wonders Puppy Emporium

"Where puppies come from mass breeding farms and are shipped to you in overcrowded, dark tractor trailers"

Little Wonders, Suffolk County's newest puppy mill fed store, has opened in Sayville. Regardless of Suffolk County's new law, puppy mills remain notoriously uninspected and even the most basic laws are left unenforced, as seen in this scathing audit by the Inspector General.

In commercial breeding facilities, mother dogs are constantly impregnated and have their young children taken from them in an endless cycle of kidnapping and abuse. When puppy mill mothers are deemed no longer profitable, they are often killed.

Below are pictures of trucks allegedly from the Hunte Corporation, the United States' most infamous launderer of puppy mill animals, delivering puppies to Little Wonders under the cover of night.

Will you speak up for animals being abused horrifically in mills?
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