Banana Derby

The Banana Derby is a cruel, chaotic event where toothless monkeys are forced into costumes, chained to dogs, and forced to race at high speeds around a track for cheap laughs in front of a screaming crowd. 

Its exhibitor, Philip Hendricks (AKA Philip Dolci), has been cited by the USDA for failing to provide dogs and primates with adequate space, repeatedly failing to provide primates with environmental enrichment, failing to provide animals with clean and wholesome food, and even repeatedly giving conflicting and erroneous information to USDA inspectors such that inspectors were unable to locate the monkeys.

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Victory! Northport Fire Department Bans Banana Derby and All Animal Acts

Following LION's protests of the Banana Derby at the Northport Firemen's Fair in 2017, the Northport Fire Department publicly pledged to never hire animal acts of any kind ever again. LION delivered them a platter of delicious, vegan cookies courtesy of BumbleeVee Cookies as a token of our appreciation. 

Urge the Brookhaven Fair to Stop Hosting the Banana Derby

Please urge the Brookhaven Fair and its venue operator—JVC Broadcasting—to follow the lead of the Northport Fire Department and more than 600 venues nationwide and never again host this despicable event, along with all other animal acts.

Brian Schuman
President, Fair Productions
[email protected][email protected]

John Caracciolo
President and CEO
JVC Broadcasting
[email protected]
(631) 648-2500