Ask FIT To Ban Fur in Classrooms

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is an internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art, communications, and business. After reaching out to the school, it has become evident that FIT allows professors to assign projects that involve the use of fur. This petition is asking school officials to adopt a policy that bans the use of fur in the classroom.

Fur has a long history of being considered a luxury item, but over the past few decades animal rights groups have managed to change that, making fur more and more unpopular. Why? Because fur is cruel. It typically comes from animals who are raised on factory fur farms. They are often starved and deprived of basic needs. Once reaching the right size, they are then electrocuted. This agonizing slaughter method is frequently used to limit damage to the fur. From there they are then skinned. The fur is then sold and used in a variety of ways. 


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