Breaking the Stereotype: Why Black Cats Deserve Love

For centuries black cats have been a focus for superstitions and crazy rumors in many cultures. Hundreds of years ago these felines were thought to be linked to witches and therefore thought to be evil creatures. Black cats have unfairly received the reputation of being bad luck, especially if one crossed your path from the left…

Above: Pepper, a black cat who spent the first two years of his life in an animal testing facility. He was adopted by LION founders John and Julie, now really living his life and knowing love.

While these superstitions have begun to slowly fade away, there is still enough folklore and tales existing today that keep the reputation of these beautiful creatures in the dark. When we think of Halloween symbols, the black cat is still brought up and often featured on the back of a witch's broom flying through the sky.

It is because of these ignorant outdated superstitions that black cats are the least adopted. While orange and Siamese cats are adopted almost immediately upon entering a shelter, black cats are usually left to languish for months on end. This often leads to the majority of black cats being euthanized in shelters across the country, simply for lack of space or interest.

Just like all animals, black cats are adorable living, sentient beings, who deserve to live a life without prejudice. Every cat has a different personality and you just need to find the perfect fit for your family, regardless of fur color. To search for cats looking for loving homes in your area, please click here and please always remember to adopt, not shop!