The Roar Heard Around The World

  Less than a month ago, Cecil, a beloved lion to millions all over the world was lured from safety in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe by American trophy hunter and dentist Walter Palmer. He was murdered in cold blood over the course of 40 hours in what is now one of the most outrageous and talked about animal killings of our time. Although the world is still in an uproar about the extreme carelessness for life these so called "trophy hunters" show, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the animal kingdom.


In what will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most horrific and senseless killings of an innocent creature, also strangely comes a sliver of hope for these animals. New York State has brought "Cecil's law" to the front lines to help aid in protecting these beautiful souls who should be anything but a trophy on a careless hunter's wall. This law will prohibit the passage of any type of body parts or merchandise pertaining to the "African Big 5" in the state of New York, which would essentially end all New York imports of "animal trophies".  

    These barbaric hunters travel across the world to kill and skin the "Big 5" animals which include the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and the white and black rhinoceros, in order to behead the animal and bring them back as a trophy to brag and boast about. Then, many times, the locals or poachers will take the remainder of the animal and send their "parts" back to America. Sadly, New York is one of the largest ports of entry from Africa of these "animal trophies," and a large amount end up in the Big Apple being sold as trinkets.

    By taking a stand and helping to ensure that Cecil's law gets passed in New York, the world will be one colossal step closer in the conservation of these majestic animals. If the vast majority of transportation of these animal parts is closed, there will be much less market for poachers and trophy hunters to sell to and will therefore greatly reduce the "reward" of killing these amazing species.

   New York is also a world leader in every aspect. LION urges the passage of Cecil's law in New York, continuing the trend of the Empire State by being a positive example and beacon of hope for the rest of our nation and to the world that change is possible. We do not have to leave any more beautiful animals like Cecil left to the cruel fate of these glory driven murderers. Let's get Cecil's law passed and help thousands of animals be left to live life the way they were always meant to. Stand with LION and help Cecil's last roar be heard around the world.


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