Sloth Encounters owner charged with illegal possession of wild animals and contempt of court

The Town of Islip has just served Sloth Encounters and its owner Larry Wallach with contempt of court charges as well as charged Wallach personally with illegal possession and sale of wild animals in 5th District Court in relation to the sloths, kangaroos, and other wild animals he's continued to sell in violation of Supreme Court Justice Joseph A. Santorelli's March 30, 2023 preliminary injunction against Sloth Encounters and its landlord 777 Chris's Way, LLC ordering the defendants to "immediately cease any operations that are a violation of the Town of Islip Code."  

The contempt filing, which has been signed by Justice Santorelli, reads: 

"The Defendants are recidivists. They are determined to do whatever they want without regard for the law, the consequences of their actions, or the efforts of municipal authorities or this Court to stop them." 

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