LION Direct Rescues More than 100 Animals in Single Summer

Following our monumental victory over Cole Bros. Circus in 2015, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature was able to push our direct rescue efforts into overdrive in 2016, rescuing more than one hundred wild and domestic animals in just a few short months.

Focusing on the furry and feathered animals not taken by traditional rescue organizations, LION's rescues included countless geese, gulls, and ducks, more than a dozen chickens, four rabbits, two peahens, a pigeon, a starling, a swan, a Cooper's hawk, and a kitten stuck in the wheel well of a car. 

If you drive, are strong-willed, and can act fast, we're sure our rescue coordinator Patricia would love for you to join LION's animal rescue response team. If you think you have what it takes, please contact us and tell us why. Experience is not necessary.