East Hampton Town and East Hampton Village Cancel Deer Cull!

East Hampton Village announced on Friday that it plans to withdraw its participation in a deer culling program spearheaded by the Long Island Farm Bureau and the United States Department of Agriculture.


“It was the intent and desire of the village to address wildlife management issues with a regional approach,” a statement from Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. said, “but as surrounding municipalities have not committed to participate, it no longer seems a project the village can tackle on its own.”

(via The East Hampton Star)


Now, East Hampton Town has followed suit!


We would like to extend special thanks to Wendy Chamberlin for coming up with an alternative management plan and launching lawsuits against the USDA, DEC, and any and all towns that even tip toe in the direction of a cull.


Additionally, we would like to extend special thanks to Bill Gibbons for providing funding for our magnificent signs!


Without the participation of wonderful activists like YOU this could not have been possible so again special thanks go out to all our Lions and Lionesses who made this victory possible!