How do I start a protest?

Do I need money? What happens if I get arrested? What if I’m told I can’t protest? Do I really need to talk to media?

If you’re from Long Island or New York City, we suggest the first thing you do is contact us at [email protected]!

If you’re outside of NYC/Long Island, please reach out to our friends at PETA via [email protected] and do let them know we say hi! If you give them notice, PETA will supply you with posters, literature, and even send out an Action Alert to their local members free of charge! They may contact the press; however, we strongly suggest you contact them as well.

Peaceful protests can just as accurately be called educational demonstrations, so please do not worry about getting arrested, people getting belligerent, or anything of the sort. Most protests are laid back and fun. That being said, it is best practice to always go with a group and to know your rights so your protest goes smooth as cotton. Remember, free speech is our First Amendment right!

But if things do go sour and you are arrested at a demonstration in the Long Island/NYC area, please call the National Lawyers Guild’s NYC Chapter at 212-679-6018 immediately for free assistance.