Ban the Bullhook- NY

Urge your New York State Senators and Assemblypersons to Support The Hoylman Bill!


The Hoylman bill would ban the use of whips, electric shock devices, bullhooks, chains, or the insertion of any instrument into any bodily orifice of an elephant, and each violation would be a Class E Felony, subject to jailing.

“It’s important to send a message that New York is not going to tolerate mistreatment of this magnificent creature,” Hoylman told The Post.

The time is NOW to call your state senators and urge them to sponsor the Hoylman Bill (S00056/ A01555).

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You can read the bill by clicking this link.

Additionally, please urge everyone you know to sign the pledge to stop circus abuse here or collect signatures using this form. Any forms filled out can be mailed back to PO Box 1303, Seaford, NY 11783 or scanned in and e-mailed to us at [email protected].

The time is now to roar for change!