Gov. Cuomo Signs New York Puppy Mill Bill into Law

For years, municipalities in New York have been banned from regulating unscrupulous pet dealers within their communities, but today, Governor Cuomo has lifted this decade old preemption, allowing municipalities to regulate pet dealers within their communities. 

While this is a victory for dogs and cats in New York, this does not mean it is safe to buy animals from pet dealers in New York State. The USDA's Animal Welfare Act remains weak and underenforced, and due to the new presidential administration, enforcement actions are no longer transparent to the public.

Please continue to adopt. Don't shop. 

This victory follows a hundred person rally outside of Bellmore Puppies and Kittens (that still continues to sell puppy mill puppies after Gov. Cuomo, while Attorney General, spoke out against the store in 2009) on Long Island, months of call-ins, and even a surprise in-person lobbying opportunity by LION president John Di Leonardo when Governor Cuomo was visiting Long Island. 

LION is proud to have been recognized by A-740a sponsor Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal for our part in this tremendous victory, and would like to thank Assemblymember Rosenthal, Senator Mark Grisanti, Brian Shapiro, Barbara Dennihy, and Diane Madden for their help passing this groundbreaking bill.