Help LION Protest Ringling Bros!

Ringling Bros. Circus is right around the corner and we have a wonderful series of events to help kick them off, and hopefully kick them out!





This Saturday, February 15th, LION President John Di Leonardo and acclaimed young activist Rose McCoy ready our protests speaking at a screening of An Apology to Elephants at the Blue Stocking Book Store and Activist Center in NYC.




The following week, February 20th, we will be joining In Defense of Animals and many others demonstrating outside of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in what is being called The Greatest Circus Protest on Earth!




Last, but CERTAINLY not least, please join us March 5th, at 6pm to protest Ringling Bros. Circus at Nassau Coliseum! 


Remember, lions are whipped and beaten at Ringling Bros. so we hope all of you turn out especially well in their defense!