Suffering animals confiscated from Santos White Community Garden on Coney Island

After resident Bonnie Tischler discovered several ducks and roosters suffering from severe confinement and extreme neglect at the Santos White Community Garden on Coney Island, Humane Long Island worked with the New York Police Department and New York Animal Care & Control to confiscate the birds who were suffering from open and infected wounds, eye infections, respiratory infections, mutilated beaks, and crippling nutritional deficiencies.
The domestic fowl, who had been harbored in violation of NYC Health Code 191 for years, were found confined to cramped coops where they apparently were kept indefinitely and fed an improper diet of bread, which leads to nutritional deficiencies and illness. A caretaker alleged that their water was only changed once per week and reported that he was afraid to check on the birds in fear of discovering them dead. 
All of the waterfowl have permanent disabilities and will need special needs homes following rehabilitation at Humane Long Island's Riverhead shelter.