Suffolk County Passes Strongest Puppy Mill Law in New York State

Following up on our recent win in the New York State Legislature, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature helped write, lobby, and pass IR-1047, the strongest puppy mill law in New York State. 

While this is a victory for dogs and cats in Suffolk, this does not mean it is safe to buy animals from pet dealers in Suffolk County. The USDA's Animal Welfare Act remains weak and underenforced, and due to the new presidential administration, enforcement actions are no longer transparent to the public.

Please continue to adopt. Don't shop. 

(Above: LION president John Di Leonardo looks on as Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone signs IR-1047 into law.)

Unable to totally ban the sale of dogs and cats due to New York State law’s stipulation against banning the sale of “healthy animals,” IR-1047 requires dealers to provide inspection reports of breeding facilities on request and bans dealers in the county from sourcing dogs and cats from commercial breeding facilities that have:

  • “A direct violation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture within the past two years;”
  • “No access” violations on the two most recent inspection reports from the USDA;
  • Three or more different indirect violations, other than “no access violations,” on the most recent USDA report; or
  • “One or more recurring indirect violations on the most recent USDA report.”

LION would like to thank Dori Scofield, Pamela Greene, the Suffolk County SPCA, and especially Barbara Dennihy for their help cracking down on unscrupulous pet dealers in Suffolk County.