Brightwaters Commits to Let Geese Live in the Village

After the Village of Brightwaters invited the DEC and the USDA to discuss management of geese in Brightwaters, LION received several e-mails and calls from the public concerned over the geese's safety. LION voiced these concerns at a village meeting, promoting coexistence, and the village committed to leave lethal methods of population control off the table.  Continue reading

Wild Animals No Longer Exhibited at the Brookhaven Fair

From monkey rodeos to lion, tiger, and bear acts, the Brookhaven Fair was long the most notorious fair on the Island due to its exploitation of wild and exotic animals. After years of letters, protests, and town meetings, Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine made his feelings about cruel animal acts known to the venue and the wild animals were kept off the fair’s itinerary.

LION Direct Rescues 200 Ducks, Chickens, and Other Fowl in 2017

In 2017, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature direct rescued 200 ducks, chickens, and other fowl from certain death on Long Island. Some were rescued from live kill markets, others were freed from fishing line, and many were saved after being abandoned on Long Island without any protection from the elements, literally sitting ducks when their ponds froze over and freezing rain, frigid winds, and snow chilled them to the bone. Each one was safely rehabilitated and released back to the wild or placed at a home or sanctuary where they will forever be loved, never eaten.  Continue reading

New York Says ‘No’ to Cruel Elephant Circus Acts by Adopting Ban

In a monumental victory for elephants, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a ban into law that prohibits the use of elephants for entertainment in circuses and other traveling shows! Known as the “Elephant Protection Act,” the new law will take effect in two years. In addition to barring elephants from being used in circuses and other performances in New York, the law gives authorities the power to impose a fine of up to $1,000 for every violation. Continue reading

Northport Fire Department Bans Animals Acts

When LION heard that the Banana Derby—a cruel monkey rodeo where monkeys are chained to dogs and raced around a track—was coming to the Northport Firemen's Fair, we pleaded with the Fire Department to cancel the act and protested when our messages were not returned. On the second day of protests, the Fire Department publicly pledged to never hire animal acts of any kind ever again. LION delivered them a platter of delicious, vegan cookies courtesy of BumbleVee Cookies as a token of our appreciation.  Continue reading

New York City Bans Wild Animals from Circuses

For years, LION has led protests calling on New Yorkers to stay away from UniverSoul Circus, the now-defunct Ringling Bros. circus, and other traveling shows that use and abuse elephants, tigers, and other wild animals—and the New York City Council has now prohibited all traveling circuses from bringing wild animals into the city. Among the animals who will be helped by the ban are the elephants and zebras used in UniverSoul’s notoriously cruel shows. Continue reading

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Shuts Down

After 146 years and a "dramatic drop" in ticket-sales, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closed its curtains for the final time and we were there to lead the very final protests of its cruel acts, urging the public to build on this momentum by never buying a ticket to any circus or abusement park that still uses live animals.  Read about these demonstrations, and LION President John Di Leonardo's fight against animal abuse on Long Island—which began at Ringling in Nassau Coliseum, in this profile piece in the LI Herald.  Continue reading

200 Geese Saved on Lake Ronkonkoma

When Long Island Orchestrating for Nature heard that Suffolk County was considering killing 200 Canada geese—the entire population on Lake Ronkonkoma, LION president John Di Leonardo presented to the Lake Ronkonkoma Advisory Board about humane geese management plans just moments after the DEC and USDA proposed rounding up and gassing mother geese and their babies. County Executive Steve Bellone decided to pursue humane egg oiling—one of our suggestions—rather than slaughter. Continue reading

Head of the Harbor Chooses Immunocontraception

One year after Long Island Orchestrating for Nature urged the Village of Head of the Harbor to scrap plans to legalize bow-hunting in favor of immunocontraception, the village unanimously approved a plan to manage deer using this humane method of birth control. 

Suffering Elephant Minnie Skips Long Island Fair

Following formal complaints to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) alleging the Commerford Family Zoo's violation of New York state permits mandating that "Animals must be exhibited, held, transported, and housed in a manner which prevents direct contact with the public at all times" and a year of petitioning Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and the Long Island Fair, long-suffering Minnie the elephant did not make her usual appearance at the Long Island Fair. Continue reading

LION Direct Rescues More than 100 Animals in Single Summer

Following our monumental victory over Cole Bros. Circus in 2015, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature was able to push our direct rescue efforts into overdrive in 2016, rescuing more than one hundred wild and domestic animals in just a few short months. Focusing on the furry and feathered animals not taken by traditional rescue organizations, LION's rescues included countless geese, gulls, and ducks, more than a dozen chickens, four rabbits, two peahens, a pigeon, a starling, a swan, a Cooper's hawk, and a kitten stuck in the wheel well of a car.  Continue reading

Rodeo in Manorville Denied

After the Mexican Folkloric Dance Society tried to bring a rodeo to Manorville, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature and PETA notified the town of Riverhead of the society's history of violent brawls and inhumane animal acts at rodeos in Coram as well as their subsequent denial in Brookhaven following the town's contact by LION in 2014. The Riverhead Town Clerk replied that the town was denying the rodeo's initial permit and would let us know if they reapplied. No further application was issued.  Continue reading

Beagle Freedom Bill is Signed into Law!

Today, Governor Cuomo signed New York's Beagle Freedom Bill into law, requiring university laboratories give nonprofit rescue organizations the opportunity to adopt and rehabilitate dogs and cats before the laboratories can discard of them. We are grateful to celebrate alongside Pepper, the baby of our pride and an ambassador for this bill, who was rescued from a university product testing lab in partnership with Beagle Freedom Project in 2014.  Update: Today, October 15th, 2016, Pepper, passed away at the young age of 4 and a half from cancer, likely a result of his time in the lab. While Pepper was lucky enough to know freedom—even if just two short years of it—millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are not so lucky. In remembrance of Pepper, LION urges people everywhere to only buy cruelty-free products, donate only to charities that don’t experiment on animals, and demand humane alternatives to animal dissection. Continue reading

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Eliminates Elephant Acts

Citing growing public concern over “how the animals are treated," Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has taken the long-suffering elephants exploited for their shows off the road. And LION Pres John Di Leonardo and his father Gary traveled down to Rhode Island to protest their elephant acts one final time.  Continue reading

Lions Clubs International Roars Against Animal Circuses

After Long Island Orchestrating for Nature worked with West Deptford resident Joan Conn to help her convince the West Deptford Lions to deny Cole Bros. Circus after years of using them as their annual fundraiser, LION President John Di Leonardo used his role as Senior Campaigner for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to parlay her victory into a statement from Lions Clubs International reaffirming its stance against the use of animals for entertainment to its 46,000-plus clubs and more than 1.4 million members. Continue reading

Cole Bros. Circus Folds Its Tent for the Very Last Time

Born out of Cole Bros. protests in 2012, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature vowed never to stop until Cole Bros. was shut down. Four years, hundreds of protests, and multiple venue cancellations later, Cole Bros. Circus has folded its tents for the final time.  Continue reading

Cruel Lion & Tiger Act Denied in Levittown

LION will fight for any animal regardless of species, but when someone comes onto Long Island whipping our name-sake, we take particular offense. Following emergency protests outside the Levittown Memorial Day Fair last year and dialogue with the Levittown Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber agreed to deny Close Encounters—and all animal acts—this year and hereafter. Continue reading

Cole Bros. Circus Denied in Islip

A planned protest against Cole Bros. Circus turned into a celebration after the Islip Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs denied a permit application—submitted by the East Islip Fire Department—to host Cole Bros. Circus at Brookwood Hall Park after hearing from Long Island Orchestrating for Nature. Continue reading

B'klyn Borough Pres Urges UniverSoul to Keep Elephants Out of New York City

Following a meeting with Long Island Orchestrating for Nature, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and NYCLASS, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams sent a letter to UniverSoul urging the circus to "refrain from bringing elephants into UniverSoul performances in Brooklyn and throughout New York City" because "tools such as bull hooks are barbaric in nature and have no place in any circus."  Continue reading

Merrick Furs Goes Out of Business

Three years ago, LION launched a Fur Free Friday campaign targeting Merrick Furs every single Friday from November until March. As the years went on, our schedules got busier, but we did not give up, continuing to protest nearly every week. Today, Merrick Furs went out of business.  Continue reading

Suffolk County Passes Strongest Puppy Mill Law in New York State

Following up on our recent win in the New York State Legislature, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature helped write, lobby, and pass IR-1047, the strongest puppy mill law in New York State.  While this is a victory for dogs and cats in Suffolk, this does not mean it is safe to buy animals from pet dealers in Suffolk County. The USDA's Animal Welfare Act remains weak and underenforced, and due to the new presidential administration, enforcement actions are no longer transparent to the public. Please continue to adopt. Don't shop.  Continue reading

Rodeo in Coram Denied

After meeting with Coram residents distraught over a boisterous, inhumane, and illegal rodeo coming annually to their neighborhood, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature worked with the residents to contact Brookhaven officials, launched an action alert, and attended a town hall meeting where Brookhaven Town Clerk Donna Lent denied Rodeo Tierra Caliente—which had held the event at Coram Equestrian for the past three years—its permit.  Continue reading

Nearly 5,000 Deer Saved on Eastern Long Island

Following a 300 person protest, meetings with town officials, and a successful restraining order against the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature and the Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island stopped culls of nearly 5,000 deer in Southampton, Sagaponack, East Hampton, Riverhead, Brookhaven, and Shelter Island.  Continue reading

Circus Cited For Violating New York Permit

Following a LION investigation into Cole Bros. Circus and its elephant exhibitor Carson & Barnes, LION filed a formal complaint to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) alleging the circus' violation of New York state permits mandating that "Animals must be exhibited, held, transported, and housed in a manner which prevents direct contact with the public at all times." Today, the New York State DEC reported "The department followed up on [LION's] complaint and as a result tickets were issued for violation of state law. The animals in question were transported out of the state the same day."  Continue reading

Gov. Cuomo Signs New York Puppy Mill Bill into Law

For years, municipalities in New York have been banned from regulating unscrupulous pet dealers within their communities, but today, Governor Cuomo has lifted this decade old preemption, allowing municipalities to regulate pet dealers within their communities.  While this is a victory for dogs and cats in New York, this does not mean it is safe to buy animals from pet dealers in New York State. The USDA's Animal Welfare Act remains weak and underenforced, and due to the new presidential administration, enforcement actions are no longer transparent to the public. Please continue to adopt. Don't shop.  Continue reading

600 Geese Spared in North Hempstead

When the Town of North Hempstead announced it had signed a contract with the USDA to kill 600 Canada geese residing on town properties, LION roared its way into a private meeting with the Town Supervisor, Friends of Animals, and waterfowl rehabber Terry Pratt. A planned protest then turned into a celebration outside of town hall when the Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman announced he was ripping up the contract.  Continue reading

Piccadilly Circus Canceled at New York Equestrian Center

Within hours of hearing from Long Island Orchestrating for Nature about the pervasive abuse and neglect of animals, including new allegations of equine abuse, at the Piccadilly Circus—now named Garden Bros. Circus—the New York Equestrian Center compassionately chose to cancel the Piccadilly Circus' planned appearances for the entire Memorial Day weekend, forcing the circus off Long Island—and they haven't been back since. Continue reading