What about zoos and aquariums?

Zoos and aquariums, not unlike circuses and rodeos, exploit animals for profit and entertainment.
While they often tout their educational and conservation benefits, the reality is zoos and aquariums are little more than glorified prisons.

In the words of former zoo architect and director David Hancocks, "Zoos have been dressing themselves up as champions of conservation, but they’re not matching it with what they do. If you strip away the rhetoric of what zoos claim they do and what they actually do, it’s still 99.99 percent putting animals on show.” SeaWorld for instance spends only 0.0006% of their revenue on rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation all together.

Teach your children compassion, not oppression; and show your date you have a heart. Instead of going to the Long Island Aquarium, sign up for a seal walk at Jones Beach or Montauk Point State Park. Skip the Long Island Game Farm and volunteer your time at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. (You may even see some of our rescues while you're there!)