Supreme Court finds Sloth Encounters' guilty of contempt of Court

On July 11, 2023, the Suffolk County Supreme Court found Sloth Encounters and its landlord 777 Chris's Way, LLC guilty of civil contempt of court, writing:

It is the opinion of this Court that the location continues to be operated as a petting zoo under the pretense that it is a pet store. This conclusion is well supported by Wallach's own testimony.

The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Joseph A. Santorelli has further ordered that Sloth Encounters must:

immediately cease and desist from operating the subject premises as a 'pet store' or petting zoo" and that "the defendants shall be fined the sum of $250.00 per day, payable to the Town, for each day the defendants continue to operate as a pet store or petting zoo in violation of the March 30, 2023, Order of the Court.

While our legal system often moves slower than a sloth's pace, today some progress has been made. 

Please continue to support our campaign by taking the following steps:

  1. Contact federal authorities at [email protected] to urge them to revoke Wallach's license (#21-C-0069) for failing to abide by local laws. It was just renewed despite Wallach failing to abide by local laws. 

  2. Email Suffolk County Legislative clerk [email protected] to urge the legislature to pass Intro 1777 to restrict traveling exotic animal acts without further exemptions, both to protect public safety and animal welfare. 

  3. Urge your New York State Assembly Member to support A6836A, which will prohibit certain exotic animals, including sloths and kangaroos, from being sold, harbored, or owned as pets in New York State in the next session. Its companion bill, which will also need to be reintroduced, passed the Senate nearly unanimously this past session!

  4. Support our campaign for a more humane Long Island by becoming a one-time or monthly supporter

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